Saturday, April 14, 2012

Update on Me - Nesting..

Well I guess I should do at least one last update on how I'm doing before baby arrives sometime in the next week or so. (I'm hoping for sooner rather than later but who knows) Where should I start.... I'm thinking with my gall bladder problems. 

For the most part the last few attacks I've had in the last month have been a lot more mild, and thankfully only once a week, unlike the multiple times a week that I was dealing with for a while. I'm going to say that this is because of all the different things I've been taking to try help, and I'm also going to say that I'm considering it a success right now! Then last Sunday was a fabulous day for me because I didn't even have an attack, which it's been a long time since I've had an attack free Sunday. Definitely made my day/night. I didn't have to go to work tired/exhausted because I'd spent 2-3 hours awake-ish dealing with the after effects of having an attack, plus it just makes me happy! I'm bruised enough up in that area right now thanks to baby thinking it's a wonderful place to plant his/her feet all the time. So that's the gall bladder update.

Now for the update on how I'm feeling these days. I do tire much quicker these last few weeks, but that's to be expected. Between working full-time and coming home and having to deal with cooking supper and cleaning house, doing laundry etc. Some days there really isn't enough energy to go around! 

Last week Saturday I had hoped to get a bunch of things done which didn't happen because of my day going from busy to busier when I ended up getting a "surprise" shower from the greenhouse where I used to work. Definitely nice but it has a way of making life busier than usual when you already have a ton of things planned for the day. In the afternoon we had to find a gift for my Mother in law for her birthday and then later we had maternity pictures scheduled. So definitely more than enough happening that day. So much for anything that was on my list of to do things for the day getting done!

This Saturday I decided that enough was enough and I wasn't scheduling anything for the day, other than things that I had to get done for myself or for baby. I had a few things to return so I did that first thing this morning. Then I came home and decided that I was tired of the "mess" in my house and it really needed to be cleaned much better than it had been in the last few weeks. So today has officially become a "nesting" day according to my Mom :) The entire house hasn't been cleaned yet but I'm pretty happy with the progress I made since by the time I'm done for today the entire upstairs will have been cleaned a lot better than it has been in a while! Considering that, I'm going to say baby is allowed to come any time now! A clean house definitely makes me happy :) 

What I didn't get done though because I started cleaning my house so well is the binding sewn on the quilt for the crib. Good thing baby doesn't need that right away because I'd be in trouble if that was the case. Even though that didn't get done, and my downstairs floor didn't get done I'm still pretty happy with how things went today. I even got the pansy's planted in my wine barrels and got to enjoy the gorgeous weather while I was at it!! :) Enough said.. I'm off to try finish the last few things around here and then it's time for some much needed relaxing and sitting back with my feet up since I can tell I've been up on them all day!


  1. I nested 2 weeks before Erin was born! Get LOTS of sleep before baby comes! And eat lots of food...and take lots of :) Those are the things I never expected to have to rush all those...but Erin knows exactly when I'd like to eat breakfast. She wants breakfast too! Ah well, it's all worth it!

  2. If I wasn't working I'm sure I'd have done a lot of stuff earlier. I'd want to but be way to tired to feel like it when I got home from work at night. So since today I didn't have anything else planned it worked out lol :)

    thanks for the advice :)


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