Friday, March 09, 2012

The joy of my life! :)

So a lot had changed in this past week! First of all I applied for a job advertised in the paper last week, just figured hey whatever I'll throw my resume out there. Of course I never expected to even be considered for the position because I'm due in about 6 weeks!! Got a phone call the end of the week asking me to come for an interview on Monday. So I figure, okay that's all fine.. I'll tell them right up front that I'm due in about 6 weeks/mid-April. They'll interview me but be like "nope, she's way to close to having her baby", end of story.

Well apparently it wasn't the end of the story, Wednesday evening while I was out they called and John talked to them. They mentioned that they were calling in regards to a job offer. When I came home John told me this and I was freaking out... kinda like OH NO what have I done!!!!! Since I came home after the time she said I could call back I sat on pins and needles all day Thursday until about 2:30 or so. Called, and yes indeed they were offering me the position. Starting on Monday, with a very decent $$ for around where we live, if they are happy then after 3 months I get a $1 raise.  I work until baby get's here, then I've got at least 6 weeks off, and then..... back to work but.... :)

When I had the interview one request I had also made was if I'd be able to take the baby with me to work. So they discussed it as a family and decided that for at least the first 4-6 months I could, after that I guess I need to figure something else out. So all in all after they bent over backwards to accommodate my request I couldn't really say NO I don't want the job! (well I could have but you get the idea)

Quite honestly I'm freaking out a bit right now! No joke! The good thing is that I've got pretty much everything that HAS to be done before baby get's here finished... everything that's not well it'll still be there later. Sure we still have to buy a few things for the baby room that we need before baby get's here, but that can be done in the next few weeks yet. Sewing projects that I figured I had lots of time to get done, well they can wait and the ones that I'd like to try get finished I guess we'll find out how much energy I have in the evening hours to work on them. What get's done, get's done and like I said whatever doesn't well that's okay.

So by now I'm sure you are wondering what the job actually is. It's a secretarial position for data entry on a dairy farm. Since I had 2 years of secretarial experience, and grew up on a dairy farm ~ two big reasons I decided to apply.

Even though the situation isn't completely ideal, because I'd much rather be a full-time SAHM the fact of life is that if I'm going to get a job and possibly save some extra money, now is the time to do it not 5 years down the road.

Now as far as baby things that still are on the to do list, and these can be done later: 

~ crib sheets
~ binding on crib quilt
~ finish painting the tree on the wall

That's about the list of things that need to be done for the baby room. So I think I've done pretty good!

So that's my latest news!


  1. Congratulations! It's is funny how things fall into our laps when we least expect them. You will do great!

  2. Congratulations Alise! It never rains ...
    Is it a full time job? you are sure going to have your hands full, but it sounds like you are organized. Hope it all works for you.

  3. Gail - it is full time, so Monday - Friday!


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