Thursday, January 05, 2012

Baby registry

Some days, I'm so sick of trying to get this baby registry all figured out! If it wasn't for having a baby shower and everyone wanting to know if we were registered or not I wouldn't even start. With our wedding we registered and the small amount of items that were purchased off of the registry made it frustrating. Such a huge waste of time!

The problem I'm running into now is that since the Ladies Group from church gives me a baby shower before baby is born and we aren't finding out if baby is a boy or girl, try to find neutral stuff that isn't yellow or green! Yes.. you read that right! I detest yellow and green outfits/sleepers for babies. I've found a few beige/tan/grey ones at Target, but you really need to look for them! Some days.... hmmm I just want to wait until after baby is born. The other side is then I have to buy all the newborn stuff myself, which would be okay as well.

One thing I am working on is getting my registries all onto one site:  At least this way you can send everyone to one place and they'll be good to go! The other thing I like about it is you can find items anywhere online and add them to the registry there so you aren't limited to particular stores. We shall see how that works though.

I guess off I go to see if I can get some of the "mess" figured out again!

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