Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Stamper 10 Project - Christmas Card

I know I promised to try and post some stamping related items last week. Which obviously didn't happen :( I can say I tried I just didn't end up having time to get to it. With everything I have going on right now it's hard to find extra time to blog, and even more so when it involves needing pictures.

That all being said I'm here now ready to share a few projects with you in the next couple of days. They were all created and made by my Stamper 10 group this past Monday evening.

For this card we used the Mica Flakes that are in the mini catalog, as well as the Silver Glitter Paper, and the Simply Scored! I LOVE MY SIMPLY SCORED!!!! The card in and of itself it fairly simple, and doesn't involved anything super difficult. 

I scored my 12x1 inch piece of DSP at every 1/2 inch for my Rossette. Once it was scored I cut the last 1/2 inch off, obviously because you need mountains and valleys to make them. 

If you don't cut off the last 1/2 inch you end up with two valleys beside each other which you'll find out really quickly doesn't work.  

I punched out a 1 3/8 circle from a scrap of card stock that was floating around on my desk for the base. Generously put on some Tombow Multipurpose adhesive in the centre of the circle. You'll place this on the back side of your Rossette. Hold it firmly in place for a few minutes and wait for it to dry.

- Obviously if you wanted you could also use a hot glue gun, but since I don't own one I did it the difficult way. 

Punch out a 1 3/8 circle from the Silver Glitter Paper, glue onto the top centre of your Rossette. I ran a little glue on top of all the "mountains" of the centre and held it in place for a couple seconds and it was stuck. 

Now for the Mica Flakes. You are going to take your fine point on the Multipurpose Glue and run it along the very edge of the Rossette. Generously pour a small pile of Mica Flakes in your Powder Pal tray and dab the edge with the glue into the flakes. They will stick :) 

Hopefully that is all the instructions you'll need for this project. If not feel free to ask for more or clarification!

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