Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Well we had our second ultrasound today (I had one at 8 weeks). Today, I'm almost 20 weeks. Here is one of the pictures.

Baby has a mind of his/her own! He/She was facing towards my spine the entire time and wouldn't turn so we didn't get a good picture of his/her face :( Sad... at least I get one more ultrasound when I'm in my 3rd trimester, and that one will be a 4-D. Either way the technician said baby looked healthy and seemed to be growing fine! Baby weighs right around 11 ounces, seems really hard to believe that they are that tiny, but they come a long long way from what they start out weighing! It's so cool to have been able to see the baby though! Heartbeat was about 150 bpm, which is about normal, it usually ranges right around the 150 bpm. I have a Dr. appointment on Thursday so we'll see what the Dr. says then! :)

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