Monday, November 07, 2011

I'm disliking a lot of...

... clothing right now. There is a lot that is starting to get to the point it doesn't really fit anymore. This is frustrating because I feel like I just swim in anything maternity, so at least my stretch shirts still fit. If I didn't have any of those in my closet I don't know what I would do. I ended up buying a few more on Saturday to help tide me over, and when they are $7 per top v/s $20 something for Maternity I think I'll just buy regular tops as long as I can. So far skirts are still fine.. just a few that I can't wear unless I use a belly band and leave the button at the top open. That's only a few here and there since most of my skirts waist bands are under my bump! :) 

That all being said I did buy one Maternity blouse with a black "plain" cardigan, at Motherhood this weekend when we were out shopping. 
Short Sleeve Ruffle Front Maternity Shirt
So there are the two tops... I can't wait to wear them, hopefully in a few weeks my bump will be a little bigger and it will feel like I can actually wear them. So that is that. 

This is last weeks bump picture.

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