Monday, August 09, 2010

Walking.. Relaxing ~ Our evening

Well today John decided that we needed to go for a walk so we did... our walks go something like this: Walking along at a fast pace for me, John walking at a fast pace for him, which means he gets ahead of me.. I tell him to slow down and stop trying to make me run.. works for about half a block and he is several feet ahead of me again. At times I will speed up to try keep up with him.. till I get tired of that.. then I just slow down and make him slow down again, other times I'll have to tell him to slow it down a tad... anyway that is how it goes when we go for walks together.

Today after getting back from our walk we went and spent some time in our backyard, which in turn made me run and get my camera since it has been a while since I've taken some pictures of us... so here they are.

This last picture isn't cooperating and posting at the right angle so it is just going to be sideways! :) Can you tell that we love having grass in our yard?! LOL..

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