Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Looking Back: July 23, 2009

Day 4 of our Honeymoon: Well what did we do that day? We went and hung out on the beach and took a surfing lesson, sadly enough we didn't pay extra to make sure that the photographer took pictures of us! ugh.. :(  so no pics of our exciting attempt to learn how to surf. I actually managed to get up once, for the rest I failed pretty miserably. The crazy thing about it all, you need to put on those crazy wet suits! haha yup can you imagine, I really wish I had taken a picture of us wearing them because it looked pretty funny! haha

Anyway so not to much to say about our day, other than the ocean water is super salty and tastes absolutely horrifically nasty! ugh ugh ugh! haha :) In the end definitely a great experience!!

So there you go.. and notice what else is new but no pics of me the camera lady ;) haha..

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