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Looking Back: July 21 2009

Well, so day two of our honeymoon coming right up with pictures etc! :)

So of course being on our honeymoon we slept in and took it easy... had a delicious breakfast in the hotel restaurant, from there we planned our day. Then we went for a stroll around the our "resort" and also to the beach of course. Below you can see some picture of the general area right around the Catamaran "Spa" Resort and then some of Mission Beach.

Me standing on the balcony of our room which we didn't really use, unless you count standing on it for about 10 minutes every day first thing in the morning watching people LOL :) It wasn't private enough, or the chair weren't comfy enough to relax on. Either way we still had a few "nice" moments of view time off of the balcony!

After that we decided that we were going to go to the USS Midway and do the self-guided tour... at first I wasn't to crazy about going but John really wanted to, and I do kinda like military stuff so I decided to get over it and have fun anyway! In the end I'm sooo glad that we went, it was very interesting, and I never imagained a aircraft carrier to be that gigantic!! Wow it was amazing!

Anyway here are some pictures:

This is where you first come on deck to get your headset for the selfguided tour of the carrier.

Looking at the Navy Base

The control tower - same as at any airport on land

Flight signals - Mentioned below. The way the lights are on/flashed at the piloet indicate if he can land or not.

The kissing Sailor and his wife statue! :)


the inside of a Transport Helicopter

Above you can see how the planes were prepared for take off. They were hooked up to this track and then the Carrier would go full steam ahead while the plane had it engines going so that as soon as it reaches the end of the track it is going fast enough for take off. This is how a then manage to have planes take off of a carrier even though the distance for take off is much smaller than a runway in a typcial airport. When the plane comes back to land on the carrier there are cables that the hook on the back of the plane needs to catch. The planes need to fly at just the right level to land on deck. If they are too low or to high the signals (picture above)will tell them to go around and try again.

Navy Base

Control Room

The USS Midway

In Memory of all who have died at sea.

So that was our tour of the USS Midway. Then we went out for supper, which turned out to be burgers. John had a Kangaroo Burger, and I had a Bison Burger seemed to be the safer choice to me LOL... can you tell who is adventurous here or what eh?! 

Here is one final picture that I took while we were on the USS Midway.. of a fantastic looking bridge :) I'm not sure what it is called and I'm to lazy to find out right now so if you are curious enough I guess you will have to google it or something.

Now for the rest of our evening, Once we got back to the resort we did the typical. Go for a walk on the beach as the sunset! WHOOOT!

 If I could do this every day I would, I love hearing the water rushing up against the beach and then hearing the sand slowly trickle back as the water runs down again. It looks so amazing with the setting sun, and the fun little bubbles in the sand, the smell of salty ocean water, and the sound of seagulls. Watching the last few surfers battling the surf as they attempt to catch the last few waves for the day. There is only one word for this experience: Amazing!

We did this almost every night... some nights we got our feet wet others we just enjoyed walking in the sand, no matter what we did the feeling was amazing! :)

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