Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Well I was just sitting in the "office" and decided that I had better post an update post on life in general since I haven't done that in a long time! It seems like life has a way of getting busier and busier, and even if it isn't I just never get around to blogging anymore which is a sad concept! haha..

So what have I been doing with myself lately? Well good question, most days that I'm not cleaning house not to much other than trying to entertain myself... sitting around reading, cleaning my house a little bit, cooking, swimming almost every afternoon in the pool at the in-laws. So as you can see I do have ways of keeping myself somewhat busy. Now as for work, well I have 3 houses that I currently clean. One of these jobs is temporary while the other lady went to Russia to visit her family. This is a gigantic house, and takes 2 people 5 hours to clean EVERY week, it is absolutely crazy, and the house is already pretty much spotless, but hey I guess I won't complain it gives me something to do. Then one of the other houses that I clean I've been cleaning since this spring and it is every other week that I go there and dust, vacuum, clean bathrooms, mop etc. so mostly basic cleaning. Then the last place.. well I've cleaned there since we got married :) My mother-in-laws house... I like cleaning her house! haha... easy to clean (usually) and doesn't take too long!

For some funny reason when I was growing up cleaning house was my least favorite job.. now I actually don't mind it! Some days I wonder if it helps that it isn't yours and you clean it and can walk away and not worry about it getting dirty again. My own house suffers at times though! I have to admit I'm horrible at vacuuming, but it doesn't seem like the carpet gets overly dirty, I mean we don't spend a ton of time sitting around making it dirty either, haha, so in the mean time I can count how many times I've vacuumed since we have gotten married on my two hands.. my bad.. LOL :) Dusting is a completely different story, although it has gotten much much better now that we have a lawn and garden to make the dust settle down! When we first got married cleaning my house and wanting it spotless all the time seemed to be an obsession, I mean I never cared that much before I got married what my room looked like! That did wear off in a big hurry though, I mean you get sick of dusting every two days or so... soon that turned into every 4-5 days.. then into every week, and now hmm every 1 1/2 weeks or so.  The difference being that there is less dust floating around making me feel like I have to dust as well! Which makes me happy!

Anyway so that is that part of my life. Now my latest goal is to get pictures scrapbooked! I decided that I felt like scrapbooking and I really need to get my wedding pictures scrapbooked so that I can look at them when I want to, and not have to look at them on my computer or dig through my BOXES of pictures ( I have three Costco boxes) to look at them. So my goal is to get 25-30 pages done in a week and see if I can't be really close to being finished in a month! Tall orders?! I realize that, but I figure if I didn't set myself up such a big goal it would be taking forever to get it done, and I still have honeymoon pictures to scrapbook as well as tons of other pictures that I've taken over the years that really need doing! Some of them I think I'm going to scrapbook using My Digital Studio from Stampin' Up and get them printed by their printer and see how they turn out. There is something about scrapbooking them the old school way, paper, ribbons, brads, eyelets etc. but I'm feeling like I'm too far behind to keep this up so we shall see if the digital way works better(eventually anyway!).  Anyway for now I'm off to go scrapbook some more pages, yesterday I got 4 pages done and today I decided I better get at least 4-6 done because there is going to be a few days this week I'm not going to get that many finished. Although if I actually count how many pages I have finished since last week Thursday since that is when I decided to do this.. I have already finished 18 pages, and would have today and tomorrow to meet my quota for the week, but I decided that I was going to start my weeks from Monday to Saturday since that seems easier to keep track of!

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