Saturday, August 21, 2010

Job Searching

I knew for a while now that I was going to really start looking for some more part time work. Cleaning the three houses that I do, two every week and one every other week, plus one of the cleaning jobs that is every week is only temporary right now. So it was time for the job hunt to begin.

Last night I was inspired by a friend to go and get my resume and cover letter all ready to bring to the quilting store in Prosser. I've never worked in a quilting store but always thought it would be fun to do. So after I got my cover letter and resume all ready to go out the door I went to go apply! Whoot! :) The people who own the store were both there today and were super friendly, we chatted for a bit and then I was told that they would think about it and let me know. (check) So now I wait!

In the mean time I also have to admit that I was a "bad" girl when I was there LOL :) I bought fabric... I couldn't resist buying fabric to make a table cloth from for our diningroom table since I don't have a big one for when my family comes. So here is the fabric that I bought:

So this is the fabric, the blue is going to be a square in each corner, and then the brown is for borders, and the cream is the large centre piece. I can't wait to get it all sewn together and then be able to use it the next time my family comes to visit me! :)

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