Monday, August 30, 2010

Looking Back: July 24, 2009

Well, my second last looking back post on our Honeymoon!! Definitely has been fun posting pictures and telling our Honeymoon story from a year ago on my blog! Anyway so here is to the Friday, July 24, 2009! We decided to rent a two person Kayak and go out on the water for an hour! Definitely taught us how to work together haha, and I also learned in a big hurry that someone doesn't have a major sense of rythym which proves to make kayaking a challenge! LOL :) This person was namely my wonderful husband of a week!! haha :D Anyway here is some picture of our day...

Looking at the resort from the water front! (below)
Then in the afternoon we rented body boards and went out to the ocean for a while.
At night we went to a Luau

So that was our day on Friday.. very relaxing! :D

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