Saturday, August 28, 2010

Once in a while..

.. when a certain person doesn't feel like cooking and the other certain person doesn't want to BBQ either then things like today's happenings happen. LOL :) At about 4:30 I said to John. "so do you want to BBQ" His answer was something along the lines of not really so I told him that if he wasn't going to cook I wasn't going to either cause I didn't feel like it! haha I know nice wife eh?!  Anyway things had been kinda hectic for both of us all day, so what did we do instead of cooking supper? Go out of course!!

We went to El Valle, one of the mexican food restaurants here in town, and I have to admit the more I go for mexican food the more I dare try different things! Tonight I tried Fahitas which were so yummy but very filling!!! Anyway here is some pictures, since I decided to take the camera along just for fun! :) John didn't want me to take pictures of him so that is why the first few turned out the way they did LOL...

Here is the "hot" Salsa and awesome chips that you get as an appitizer!
^ My food, you can see that the chicken was steaming hot, served on a hot plate!
John's food, Pollo a la creme

This last picture, well I needed to take it because I love the little pepper men on it.. it was the liner for our chip basket.. LOL :)

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