Friday, January 07, 2011

Expresso's or Cappuccino's anyone?

Well my hubby's family exchanges "Christmas/New Year's gifts", and we also get something from his parents. So this year for the first time ever I actually had quite a list of items that would be fun/nice to have. One of them was a Expresso/Cappuccino Coffee Machine.. I was so excited when I saw that I had actually gotten that, it was more a "cool want to have" than a "have to have" item but so fun to get! Anyway so of course anybodies guess would be what have I been drinking since I've gotten it.....? Right how could you not guess Cappuccino's/expresso's! LOL :) Not hard-core trust me! I actually didn't figure out how it worked until Tuesday morning. It stood on my counter for a good week before I messed with it to figure out how it worked!

Now I'm going to have to find somewhere to store my other coffee pot since there is honestly nothing wrong with it... and I'm not going to get rid of it since my new one only makes 10 cups at a time. When we get larger crowds I think the second machine will come in handy so that is why I'm going to hang onto it, also because it was an engagement gift so I can't quite get rid of that yet!

Anyway, here is the machine that I got since I'm sure some of you are curious about that as well :)

Anyway... for those of my friends/family who like cappuccino's or expresso's come on by for a visit sometime and I can definitely make you one! :)

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