Monday, January 31, 2011

Decor Elements: In my house...

Well I finally decided to go get glass for my 14x14 frames. They were originally supposed to be cork boards but they didn't have the large matching frame with glass so I figured that it wouldn't be to hard to change, and just get glass cut for them, take the cork board part out and tada.. Well needless to say it all seems to be a simple solution that only takes 5 minutes to do... that is until you have to remember to take the frame off the wall and take it with you and take the time to stop in at the glass place!! I'm going to admit I procastinated on this factor for at least a good year!

Last Friday I decided that I'd finally had enough of empty frames hanging on my wall lol :) So I go glass cut, and the same day I put my Decor Elements on the glass. Now I finally have 3 frames with flowers instead of one!

Here is a picture:

Now I just need to save some money so I can order the large tree.. I can't think of what it is called and I'm to lazy to get off of the couch right now. Eitherway that is going to go on my wall as well.. so that will be a separate post once I get it up! :) For those of you who live in an apartment or rental and don't want to attach the Decor Elements to your walls consider doing what I've done, find a frame that will work and hang it that way! :)

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