Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What If?

I just finished listening to an amazing speaker, Jon Acuff, who is also a speaker for Dave Ramsey. He has really gotten me to start thinking so now I've been challenged by something he said.

The problem with today's generation (his and also my age group) is that we have become dreamers and not doers! This is so true, because how many of us today have a day job and then say that our ideal job is something else? WE NEED TO BECOME DOERS AND NOT ONLY DREAMERS!!

I'm going to challenge everyone to think of something that they've been dreaming of but not doing! Please leave a comment below stating why you haven't accomplished that goal!

I'll be the first to admit that being pushed out of my comfort zone isn't always something I enjoy. Although I do tend to do this frequently to myself, but then get stuck in a rut and just remain there for a long time again because it is easier then continuing on. So the dream dies, and once again I can start from point one again!

All that being said, since I encouraged you to share I will as well. Some of you may be aware of this dream of mine and other's not so much. My goal by posting this is that I will feel more accountable to everyone, and by saying that I am also giving each and everyone of you the right to hold me accountable. So definitely call me out on it once in a while!

My Dream: Be a sucessful Stampin' Up! demonstrator with a large downline and a thriving business.

Now why is that only a dream, and why have I not DONE something with that, as in really make it happen? I have to admit I haven't exactly sat around and not done anything, but it seems to go in spurts. So I'm going to have to admit I'm a pretty bad DOER myself! I'm definitely going to try to better, in fact there is notes going up on my fridge etc. Goal charts everywhere in my house, until this becomes something that is easy to DO and I can do it day in and day out.

I'm going to admit, I have fears of the unknown and I'm sure many others do as well! My biggest fear is not being able to find a customer base. Still being fairly new to the area in which I live isn't helping me, but I think that has always been a fear that I've never worked through. I know for a fact that I struggled with this fear before I got married as well! So maybe it is time to change it, and see my DREAM's become alive! One last note: Any sucessful business person/owner knows that things don't happen over night but you have to perserver!!! Keep on DOING 24/6!!! So with this I'm challenging myself and everyone else to become a doer!

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