Monday, December 13, 2010

Not feeling it?!?

Well, lately even though I've been doing a ton of bazaars/vendor/craft shows I haven't really been feeling the need to be spending a lot of time stamping. That isn't to say that I don't, but for some reason I just seem to have lost my mojo for a while, my stampin' mojo to be exact! I have made several projects lately as I'm sure you've seen a few of them on my blog so it is still there like it always is... but it just isn't the same. The reason I've been thinking about this lately is because I have several projects that I really should finish but they just don't seem to be getting there as quickly as I would like them too.. the biggest one being my wedding scrapbook.

Now I'm sure some of you may be wondering what I do to get the excitement back full force, so today I thought I would share what gets me going. I find that when I hit this slump the thing that gets me going again is listening to SU! video's online, for new products/techniques that are coming avaliable in our next mini catalogue. This time is definitely no exception, I'm definitely excited about some of the new fun products that we will be offering starting in January, and after watching a few video's today I am ready to tackle my stamping room tomorrow and start making things happen!

The truth about my stamping passion is that generally I find that somewhere along the line things kinda slow down and I don't spend as much time stamping and a month or so later I will be back at it. Which is ok with me because I usually find that I get ideas in the mean time. Right now I'm going through a bit of a slump but I still create whenever I feel the need or happen to need a card for an event. In the end no matter what happens that creativity is always there waiting to be unleashed!

The good thing about hitting the slump now and not later is... I've got several different events coming up in January that I'm going to have to prepare for. Baby Shower Invites to be made, decor for the baby shower especially since I have some fun ideas and I can't wait to make them happen! As well as several more workshops that I'm so excited to schedule for January, and of course since most of them will happen during Sale-A-Bration which makes it all the more exciting for my customers as well!

Anyway now that I've share this little tid-bit with you I'm off to bed so that I'm ready to tackle tomorrow head on! Also if you would like to see some of these exciting projects that I will be creating stick around and you will see them, or book your own workshop with me so that you can have fun with your own friends and get some ideas as well! Happy Stampin'!

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