Monday, December 13, 2010


Well on Saturday after lunch our snow/rain storm started. Apparently for the typical weather here, it was a weird snowstorm since the snow didn't melt right away, especially since it was above freezing. It was super wet sticky, slushy snow which was fun. Anyway John decided that he was going to go out and shovel our sidewalk, but then when he was out there our neighbour offered to do ours since we have done his the last few times it snowed. So then when he didn't have to do that he figured why not build a snowman. After we got home later that night I took a picture, even though it was dark out, and it turned out it was sure a good thing that I did then rather than waiting till the morning! When I got up in the morning almost more than half the snow was already melted! :(

So here are the pics....

and the next morning.. poor mr. snowman had already fallen over, our plan for the next time it snows it to build him right on the wall leaning forward so that he will fall forward, just like Humpty Dumpty LOL :)

and today... it looks like we didn't even have a major snowstorm :(

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