Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Etching - Candle jars

Well at the Christmas Party that I attended at Becky's house on Saturday we etched a candle jar. You can buy one for very cheap in the dollar store so this project doesn't have to cost you a fortune either! Etching cream, well that is a bit of a different story but for a decent sized pot that will last you forever.. once you do the math it really isn't to bad! You will just be finding lots of things you can etch LOL :)

Anyway so what you will need:

- candle jar/glass container
- foam brush
- big shot/die
- vinyl
- etching cream

So what Becky had done for us was cut out shapes using out Bigz dies, she had flowers or the Latice die, as well as round or square jars. We peeled the backing off and put the vinyl onto the jar, then we went to apply etching cream over the vinyl. Let it dry for 10 minutes, and then washed it off with warm water as well as peel the vinyl off of our jars.

So here is the end result for mine:
Now as you can see mine isn't perfect, etching is an art that takes some practice so that you don't get streaks etc. So generally the first one is practice and from there you get better!

Now after I made this I thought to myself, how cute would it be to do one with snowflakes for winter/Christmas? So that is another fun idea!


  1. so cute! If it wasn't so much work I'd try something like that for wedding favors!

  2. You would be busy forever and a day making them! LOL :)

  3. Super cute Alise! I may give it a try with some snowflakes.


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