Thursday, September 02, 2010

Hair Trial: Tanya's wedding :)

Well since my older sister Tanya gets married in a few weeks I have been looking at hairdo's, and trying to decide what I want in my hair. Today I went to get my hair trimmed, and when Angela(my hairdresser) asked me what I wanted her to do, straighten or curl my hair I decided that I wanted it curled for a change, since I can always straighten it at home :) So she was busy curling it... and then I kinda said to her that I was starting to want it styled the way I was thinking for my sisters wedding. Since I had already told her what I wanted, she told me that it wouldn't be a big deal and it would only take a few bobby pins and little extra time. She didn't charge me for styling it which was F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C. LOL :) so I had a trial run.. I think I sitll like it better the way I saw it online.. and I need to buy a flower for it yet.. but other than that things are just great ;) So here are some pics:

So there you go... a quick peek at the hairdo.. I think I'm going to change it and go a little closer to what I originally found online but I definitely do like it! :)

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