Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tanya's Wedding

Well, as my whole purpose for going to Alberta was my sisters wedding I guess I should post some pictures of the day as well! I don't have many but I do have a few since I did drag my camera around most of the day. I'm really bummed because I completely forgot to tell someone to take pictures of just John and me ugh!!!!! So now I have to figure out what I'm going to do for Christmas cards this year... hmmm I might just have to get my hair dresser to do my hair that way next time I get it cut again, and then come home and tell John to put his suit on and head out for a few snapshots... Who knows, time will tell what happens as far as that goes! Anyway now for some pictures of the big day!

Balloons for the back of the "newlyweds" getaway car! Enough to fill their back seat! haha :)
Brittany getting her hair done, Joel decided that it was a nice place to sit for a little while.
The BRIDE, my older sister Tanya.
My littlest sister Lianne getting her hair done.
Dad and John just hanging out :)
I walked into the kitchen and Brit, Evert and Jared were unloading the dishwasher, so time for a picture.. I told one of them putting dishes away, but then onto the floor they went, which made for an even better picture LOL :)
Coralie getting her hair done, she is my second youngest sister.
Willard all proud of his tie, since he tied it himself, but unfortunatly he had to do it again since it was too short, hence the tugging action :)
Nathan (my second youngest brother) getting all dressed and ready to be a spiffy ring bearer!
Once again, Tanya.. getting final touches done to her hair.
Yay, shoe time haha :)
Tiana, Jacob's niece, and their flower girl for the day!
Tanya with her hat on... she wore a hat for the church service and put her veil on later.
Dad, driving us to church (Tanya, Nathan, Tiana, and me as their photographer for the morning)

Putting their Vinyl, "Just Married" sign on the vehicle.
She had flowers on her vehicle instead of pom-poms.
Here I just finished putting her veil on, Jacob had my camera at that moment, so that explains the pictures with me in them.
Some of the most handsome men in my life, LOL :) Namely my hubby and little bro, Joel! :)

Mom and Dad with the couple
My third youngest sister, Brittany, she was being goofy so this is the best I got of her!
The couple with the FG and RB!
Getting ready for more pictures!

Kerkhoff family photo
Tanya with her Brothers and Brother-in-Law: L to R: Jared, Evert, Tanya, Willard, John. Front row: Joel and Nathan
Tanya with her sisters: L to R: Lianne, Brittany, Tanya, Janita, Me, and Coralie
Jacob and his siblings: Joel, Colin, Jacob, and Dedrick
The Cake
A great captured moment.

That is all I'm going to put up for now.. who knows when we get the other pictures. Unfortunately I don't have any full family photo's from my family since obviously I had to be in the picture myself :( So hopefully we get a disc of photo's from the photographer!

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