Monday, September 20, 2010

Millet Meeting - Stampin' UP!

I know I don't post about my Stampin' Up! life very often anymore.. it has kinda taken the back burner for a while, especially since I have gotten married. I kept telling myself that it wouldn't etc. but it has... two Saturdays ago when I was in Alberta I attended an event from the WeCANStamp group in Millet and am now feeling re-energized and totally need to get my act together now! So my game plan is to make sure I get business cards printed off.. and carry Mini Catalogue's around with me everywhere I go, bringing it up in conversations with people I meet/know and hopefully booking my first few workshops here in the U.S. :)

Anyway that is my little blurb on that.. and now for some fun pictures from Millet on some of the things I saw/made there!

My Upline: Lisa Althouse, with a designer paper covered Pop Can :)
Sherri with the ribbon wreath we made on her head! :) Mine is currently hanging on my wall in my living room, not really visible but it is there, for lack of a better place to hang it at the moment!

Below is the make n' takes that we did.. cards :)

and then last but not least the little surprise that Lisa my upline had waiting for us on the table when we got to the meeting, an altered Hilroy Notebook! :)
the last make n' take.. a candy wrapper. The die is from the Big Shot :)

So there are some pictures from that!

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  1. Millet was a lot of fun! I wish I had known you were going to snap that photo though. . . I would have tried to look more regal.


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