Monday, June 28, 2010

New Adventures.. Sewing!

Well since I've been thinking about this for a while I figure I may as well post something about it one my blog as well! I've been getting into sewing cute aprons as a side business.. Everyone that gets one/sees them tells me that I need to start selling them so that is the plan! So if you want one let me know, and we can discuss the details!

The above picture is the style of aprons that I have made so far.. there are a few more avaliable which I hope to post some pictures of soon. You pretty much either need to send me fabric or tell me what color you want.. but like I said we can figure that out once you let me know if you want one or not.. Cost does vary per apron, but generally runs from $35-40, which includes mailing in the US and Canada. Mailing costs to other places may vary :)

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