Thursday, June 10, 2010

Update #1

So since I don't want to mess it all the way up I figure I'm going to try start updating from where I left off! So it was about the week after I finished in the greenhouse my friends Alanna & Yvonne came for a visit for several days! Of course what else can you expect, than the fact that we had a blast and "poor" John has to put up with all the things us Females think are funny etc! He is actually a really good sport about it and I love him all the more for it!

Anyway they came the end of April.. on the 29th to be exact which is the day of John's birthday. So makes for a busy day or what.. anyway at night we had John's family and Dan over for coffee and cake.. so fun ;) We sat around chatting and having a good time. The next day we decided that it was the day to go shopping since by the time they were out of bed and ready to go anywhere it wasn't even worth thinking about going somewhere exciting. Before we went shopping it was picture time: Pictures

It was actually a very relaxing day...we headed on to the Tri-Cities went to Walmart so I could buy some fabric for aprons. From there Alanna decided that she needed coffee, and since there is a Starbucks right close by we went and sat there and had a cup of coffee while we had a nice chat session. Then off to Maurices which turned into a huge long drawn out process as we decided to fit lots of clothes on etc. In the end that was a very sucessful stop so no complaints from any of us. Then off to the mall... we didn't spend to much time in the mall other than in JCPenny where I bought a second light and pillow for our bedroom since I still had gift cards from the wedding that needed to get used sometime!

Friday night: first we went out for Pizza close to Granger.. I had never been there before much less heard of it, even though I had driven by the place on the Freeway many a time!  It was also the night that we had a game night at Tori & Arlen's since some of the cousins from Canada were down and another family in the church had some "grandkids" visiting them. Tons of fun and games for all also making for a late evening!

On Saturday morning since I still had to go clean house, they slept in and had a riot in our little house.. baking cake for Sunday coffee since it had been John's birthday it was my turn to make something, and they were very eager to help out with the baking! At night we had another family function.. this time a "surprise" engagement party for one of John's cousins who is getting married this summer... makes for tons of family time this way..  Anyway that is about all for the exciting things that went on that weekend... other than all the pictures in general that got taken.. and I will post some of those in another post later..

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