Saturday, July 17, 2010

First Anniversary!

Well today was our first anniversary! I can't belive that a year has already gone by... we've definitely had our good and sad moments, but have grown closer through it all!

Anyway so yesterday I felt really crappy because it turns out I/we had gotten food poisoning.. oh oh... anyway so when John got home from work he told me he had to run to Ace and do some other stuff, but he would be right back! When he came home I was actually feeling better so I was out of bed puttering around when he came in. He told me to take a look in our backyard, because he had bought me a metal pole to hang my finchfeeder on. I had been talking about wanting one for a while already because having it hang from the eave on the side of the house right by my kitchen window didn't make for a great spot for bird watching! I was so happy when he got me that!!!

Then today, I had to clean this morning so I went and did that.. then came home did some laundry went back to get him from his parents' since he had been busy doing some pruning and weeding etc. Anyway when we get home he drops me off, and says I'll be right back.. I just need to run to U.S. Cellular and look into the phone plans like we had been talking about for a while. So I didn't think to much of that... then he comes home and nicely surprised me with a bouquet of PINK roses!! AWE!! and a really sappy wonderful card!!! I LOVE YOU John <3 He made my day!

Anyway we decided that we were going to go out for dinner for our anniversary, but I had one specification, it wasn't allowed to be in Sunnyside, and not somewhere that we would normally eat if we went out for dinner. So that left either somewhere in Yakima or the Tri-Cities. I told John to figure it out, since this discussion happened when I wasn't feeling to great yesterday. So we had decided seafood but not where etc. Anyway so he tells me about an hour before we left, we are going to the BoneFish Grill in the Tri-Cities. As soon as he mentioned it I wondered if it was this restaurant that I had passed many a time as I went to do groceries in Costco or not.. and tada sure enough.

Anyway now some pictures with the story! Since I can't not take a camera along to take pictures for keepsake!
Here is the BoneFish Grill in Richland, WA

The main menu, I'm kicking myself for not taking a better picture.. and also for not taking on of the special's menu since that is what we ordered off of, so now I have no clue what the dishes that we ordered are called. :( my bad...

I had to take a picture of their logo LOL! :)

The most amazing man a girl could ever want!! He hates having pictures taken but he puts up with me and my snap happy-ness amazingly well!

Our Bang Bang Shrimp.. this was absolutely amazing and I would totally go there just for this! This was on the  house!

John's meal: He ordered swordfish, and had some kind of Garlic Potatoes on the side, with Tomatoes.

My meal: I had Monkfish, which was very very very delish! I would totally get it again! Mixed veggies, and zucchinni on the side.

Now here are our complimentary ANNIVERSARY drinks.. on the house as well! (psst I'm so glad I told him it was our anniversary LOL) it was some type of Raspberry Champagne mixed drink! Very yummy as well!

Finally a picture of the two of us with our comp drinks.. our waiter was amazing.. he told us he wasn't great at taking pictures but he still did it for us! YAY!!!

So that is our first anniversary story in short!

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