Thursday, June 10, 2010

Update #2

So after Alanna & Yvonne went home.. so the first week of May

Back to not working again.. so I had to find something to entertain myself with. Since I had started organizing the office before Alanna & Yvonne came I finished some of the stuff that was still sitting around. Which in the end it still seems like there is way to much there :(  What I did is buy some Rubbermaid totes and put our stuff that we are keeping in there and onto a shelf in the garage. We threw out a ton of stuff so it was definitely a good idea since most of it was just personal belongings/papers that we really weren't ever going to do anything with ever again anyway!

Since this has all been a while ago.. I'm sure I'm leaving things out but enough said..

The week before Mothers Day: Well I get a phone call from my mom on Wednesday night I believe.. yup we are coming for a visit... ahh LOL :) I had known it was in the plans but they just hadn't decided when, but hey I wasn't going to complain!

On Saturday since they were all bored I decided to get my dad a shovel and have him plant my flowers along the road, the kids were all excited because they were allowed to help plant them. But of course that is also the cause for problems when you don't have enough little shovels for your two little brothers and they start fighting over the one because they both want to be "big" and help dig a hole to put the plant in. We planted petunia's and geraniums in the strip along the road, which I promise I'll be posting pictures of later! Anyway lots of good times! I found the kids are also getting better at not flying around my house doing nothing etc. I think it is probably because they are getting used to it and it isn't as new and exciting as it was at first.. makes me happy anyway. (or maybe I'm getting used to having them in my little house once in a while) Either way it was super nice to see them again!

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