Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Update #3

Well, so after my family left, a few days later, I got a phone call from "Aunt" Anne-Marie asking if I could come back to help in the greenhouses again. They needed help making colour bowls, so back to work it was for me! I went back for 1 1/2 weeks which I sure didn't mind because it gave me something to entertain myself with again before the next "set" of company came! Which was supposed to be Janita & Leanna... until Leanna came down with strep a few days before they had to come :( This made all of us really sad because we had already been planning this fun weekend together and then kaboom that went down the drain in a big hurry, on Friday when she called to say there was no way that she could come.. :sobs:  Oh well.. so then I called my mom to find out what the scoop was, Did Janita still get to come or what? Turns out, it is sure handy to have more then a few siblings LOL because she took Willard along! YAY! LOL... definitely not half as fun as having all girls over but it was nice for him as well since he hadn't been here for a visit since about a month after we got married!

So on Saturday after they showed up Willard was super tired, and Janita was sorta tired.. both a bunch of crazies that didn't get enough sleep the night before and then got up super early to spend 9-10 hours driving?! not my way of doing it but hey whatever. Anyway so Willard was sitting on one of my couches and he totally zonked out, when it was suppertime and I tried to wake him up by just saying "Willard time to eat" he didn't even re-act, poked him etc. and he would still hardly wake up.. finally he did though, but it sure was a sight to see him sitting at the table. He looked like he had no idea where he was, and what he was doing there. Then at night, we had a bunch of friends over and it was game night! We played Would You Rather which is a blast btw! If you love board games and want an idea for a good game to play with a group get Would You Rather! Makes for some hilarious discussions!

Anyway, on Monday since Willard was bored again.. I had to find something for him to do. So first we went out there and seeded my vegetable garden since that needed to be done yet and I figured hey why not get it done with some help! Once that got done, we all kinda sat around for a while, I did laundry since that needed to be done before I left since I didn't want to leave it all there in the hamper for a week. In the afternoon I decided that I had the perfect job for Willard! He could staple the fabric to the inside of my "antique" trunk since he loves to do that kind of thing! To bad that I didn't have the paint for the outside and sanding paper because then I would really have put him to work LOL :) Either way we had fun... on Monday late afternoon I went and took some pictures of Janita and Willard since Willard technically graduates from Grade 12 this year, and Janita wanted some taken of her just because. So off we went to see if we could find some neat places to take pictures, I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to do in mind so it was just a matter of driving around and finding that "perfect" spot to do it! We were gone for about an hour and I got some nice shots of them.. (those will be coming up on my photography blog btw). The intention was to take more in AB, but when I got there all it did was rain so no such luck! :shrugs: oh well! LOL [:)]  So that was the weekend. Now for the exciting update yet! LOL :)

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