Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A special card, for a special someone!

First off I'm going to confess that when I originally made this card it wasn't made intended for this "special" person. That being said it turned out so much better than I expected, that I decided it was perfect! I'm going to post the card the way it is right now, because I've been thinking about making a few changes/adding to it, just to add a little more to it... even though it's perfectly fine right now. 

The other confession I have about this card, is that it's so not in the normal color scheme that I work with. Cherry Cobbler is not usually one of the first color's I think of picking up and using when I'm working on a project, but for this it was perfect!

So there is the card, with a closer look at the front and inside. I'll try post instructions on what I did/used to create this card, sometime this week.

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