Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Our Weekend

So this past weekend we went on a little road trip... a surprise trip! My Mom's birthday was on Thursday, so on Friday we went up to surprise her. It was a challenge to keep it a secret but somehow we managed, and it all worked out. When we got there we parked on a neighbor's yard, had my brother come pick us up. We had him park his truck in the shop, got out. He went to get Mom, telling her that he had something for her in the shop and she needed to come look. She comes to the shop, he's telling her to come in a little further. Then when she was past where we were hiding I popped from around the corner and said "Hi Mom". She spun around, her jaw dropped and she's like "ALISE" A huge surprise, but it was awesome!

After surprising Mom, quick popping into the house, we went to the barn to surprise Dad. He was surprised but not nearly as much so as Mom was. He must have been excited though because he called Oma and told her to come and have a look-see who was standing "here". Oma walks in and says, "I already thought so".

Then that evening it was Mom and Oma's birthday (the other Oma). Anyway since most of the family didn't know that we were going to be there, there was a few surprises for several of them. When Oma and Opa came I hid around the corner in the kitchen. Oma came down the hall when I popped around the corner and said Hi. She was so shocked... the first word out of her mouth was "WHAAAAAAAT?!"

So every once in a while I think everyone needs a surprise, since it makes their day!

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