Thursday, September 22, 2011

A quick update on me..

Well, since I posted our little "secret" things have been kinda up and down. I've still been taking the medication from the Dr. for the nausea. Last week, or should I say the beginning of this week I found out the hard way that I'm not ready to be off of them. Thursday I took one... things seemed to go pretty well, so... Friday - Sunday I didn't take any. Sunday I was queasy, but as long as I ate it was fine. Well.... Monday morning....... WAS TERRIBLE! Puking, like way more than I like.. and I couldn't keep anything down. So back to the medication it is. Now I'm back to taking the two a day and things are just fine again.

It's obviously going to be a little longer before I try not taking them again. But hopefully in a few weeks it will be past!!! I keep hoping so anyway. Other than that, energy levels are usually ok, but don't ask me to do too much. If I go do a ton of stuff in one day I pay for it and am super tired! Most days that I don't sleep in a little longer in the mornings I'm taking a nap for about an hour to make it through the day. I'm starting to like naps.. never thought I would say that, as a teen I HATED naps!!!

Then on top of feeling miserable I've got a toothache now. BOOO, what's next. Anyway, so I went to the dentist got some anti-biotics to get rid of the infection. Then in about 5 weeks I need to go in and get a root canal done.. blech.. I guess it needs to be done so I'll get over it. I got to say that I HATE my teeth! I jokingly told John if I could have 1/2 the teeth from someone who doesn't have cavities all the time I would gladly trade (psst namely him) haha.

So that's about all the news there is. Nothing fun but it's life!

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