Saturday, June 18, 2011


Well, sewing seems to have been the story of my life today! I spent almost all day sewing, I can tell you this much: that it is more than I normally choose to do in a day! LOL :)

Satisfaction: It feels great to have gotten that many pillowcase dresses "finished" in one day. Ok.. I give, they were already half done! LOL :)

Anyway check out this fun pile that I brought to the baby boutique.

One thing that was not so fun about today.. I needed my seam ripper to finish another project that needed button holes but I couldn't find the seam ripper anywhere! :( I search high and low, all over the house anywhere I thought it possibly might be, but nope I couldn't find it anywhere! GRRRRR.... so now you know what I'll be doing on Monday! :)

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