Friday, June 03, 2011

A little visitor..

.. which isn't really welcome in our new home, but made him/herself feel welcome while we went to visit my family. On Wednesday when I went down to look for something in my storage room, I found mouse turds in my baking pan.. ugggghh! GROSS :S

Anyway, I never thought anything of it because I didn't hear or see anything else. So today I mentioned it to John, and we decided to do something about it, because the house smelled a little funny, much to my dismay! So we set two traps, and put out some bait, and what would you know? Well we get home to night, and lo and behold, we caught a little friend in a trap in the garage. Hopefully that takes care of things, but for now the traps are still out and I guess that means I'm cleaning anything that might have been touched by a mouse ugh.

So that is about all the excitement for the day!

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