Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Hubby Rocks!! :)

haha well so last night we went to do groceries for the month in WinCo and Costco... anyway that has been a while that we did them together.. so that was kinda interesting :)

So this is my story:

As we were walking to the till we walked past the flower display.. and then as we were past John all of the sudden said to me.. so do you want some flowers.. I said.. well that is up to you, I mean what can I say.. haha! So we walked back.. I told him to choose some.. he looked at the flowers and then said well what do you want I said figure it out LOL! so he said Roses right?! I was like well whatever I don't care sure! LOL! so he looked at them well I don't know which.. so you choose some.. LOL :) so sure enough Orange roses.. :) Yay!


  1. sweet:) well they look very nice. why not red ones? :) haha

  2. They didn't have any.. and the pink ones were open further than these :P What is wrong with Peach colored roses?!?!

  3. btw.. peach stands for appreciation/gratitude so there :P

  4. sweet flowers, will you still have them whe we come??

  5. yes I sure will sister.. :) but they are going to get dried pretty quick here :) LOL!


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