Monday, September 28, 2009

Our Honeymoon - Wednesday(SeaWorld) > Saturday evening (Home)

Several of the aquariums with different sealife and fish!

The SeaLion show. This kinda reminded me of the Dolphinarium in Harderwijk, the Netherlands, the only thing was because I've been there this is nothing in comparison.. the one in Holland was SOOO much better so this was kinda a disappointment :(

At the Shamu Stadium :) Yes we saw a Killer Whale show which was fantastic!

The Mission Beach sign: Our resort was just past this.. so technically we stayed in San Diego on Mission Beach :)

Out on the beach, we spent a few afternoons on the beach, and in the water.. the first time we went in and got water in our mouth.. lets just say that is incredibly salty :( Doesn't taste so good!

Out Kayaking, we hired a two seater kayak and went out on the water for about an hour... haha I found out what a challenge it is to try to row with someone who doesn't have a sense of rythm :(

You can see the resort we stayed at kinda from the centre of the picture to the right.. we stayed in the tower!

We rented body boards from the Pacific Beach Surf Shop. That is also where we had taken a surfing lesson from the day before!

Friday night there was a Luau at the Resort, so we decided to get tickets and find out what it was all about! It was a very neat experience. The Boat that you see in the picture below is the one that we had a free ticket for from our resort.. so we went for a ride :)

Our plane in San Diego for our flight to Salt Lake!

Our flight from Salt Lake to Spokane

The piles of boxes that I came home to! It was amazing how many there were, I think it was also partly because I had been sending a few at a time along/taking them that I didn't realize that I had that much stuff!

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