Friday, September 18, 2009

OK.. that is going to be a bit of work..

.. I used to have another blog (for those of you who didn't know that) anyway they quit their service and so I wanted to keep all the info that I had entered into that one. Apparently you can Import it but I couldn't get it to work into Blogspot so I still have the file but decided to skip that idea.. one day before I couldn't get onto that blog anymore mind you... anyway so I copied and pasted everything in to a new blog here and finally decided tonight that I should start dealing with all those posts and re-entering pictures into the posts. I have found out that this is going to be a major undertaking.. so it is going to take time.. but for the time being I'm going to post the clicky link here in the side under links already..

I'm warning you it is a mess in there so be prepared! Go have a peak but I would wait.. cause it will get so much better once I get the pictures back in and add all my smilies again :)

So for now if you read it don't freak out... or just wait.. cause I will let you know how things go with that! :)

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