Monday, September 14, 2009

Fun With Friends - Yvonne & Alanna

Well Yvonne and Alanna also came to visit me... and John of course.. LOL :) Anyway so they arrived on Thursday, September 3rd and stayed till Labour Day Monday... we had a great time like we should.. haha!

Anyway so Thursday afternoon we just kinda sat around and didn't do a ton but it was nice to just chat and catch up!

Friday was a day that was pretty much toast because I had to go back to the doctors office for results from the ultrasound and blood work.. ugh! Anway so in the end I had to go to the Hospital in the afternoon to get a shot and some more blood work which took about 1 1/2 hours because of how long the blood work took.. they needed to wait for results before they gave me the Rhogam shot.. Anyway it is enough to drive a person crazy when they had hoped to be doing something else! But we survived and had a nice little walk in between and then went back in to wait in the hospital room.. chatted and stuff.. I had a really sore butt after that.. :P

When we got home Alanna had wanted to try on the wedding dress so I told her to go for it.. :) then we had to convince Yvonne to put it on too.. cause she know it wouldn't fit her the same.. oh well we had fun and in the end she put it on too! Here's proof!

Aww look at how pretty she looks in white :P With her dark hair it looks amazing and Alanna and I just kept Ohing and ahing about it.. :)

Then we had to have coffee in the mugs that I got from Yvonne as an engagement gift.. but of course since they brought my tripod with them.. I had to get out my remote out and put it all to good use!

As you can see we had a great time drinking coffee and taking some pictures :)

Wat gezellig :P

Saturday morning the guys were working on the wall and yard at the duplex again.. so Alanna figured it looked pretty easy to do some work on the wall as well! hmmm you still think so Alanna? Anyway she had to have Dad show her how it was done and then she had to try it as well.. Good times eh?

Yup Yvonne everyone gets pictures taken of them when I put my mind to it and the camera is in my hand.. otherwise someday it will be like it was when I got married.. no pictures to put on a slideshow because either you took all the pics or you wouldn't let anyone take any of you :P

hmmmm contemplation eh Jeff.. :P

Haha Alanna this is what happens when you start acting funny... not that this is unusual.. but pics like that can end up in funny places!

Saturday we went to the Farmers Market in Prosser which didn't turn out to be really really great.. it is super small but hey at least we could say we had checked it out.. the next one for me to check out is the Richland one.. but that is on Fridays.. so I will have to see if I go by myself or if I sucker someone into going along with me..

After the Farmers Market we went to a winery.. yup it was kinda interesting but wow compared to the one that we went to when we were on holidays several years ago with my family this was nothing... it was to bad we couldn't see more! Of course Alanna and Yvonne were disappointed because the drinking age here is 21 so they couldn't even sample the wines.. :( bummer!

Above: this is where they unload the truck loads of grapes!

Yummy Grapes :)

We got 3 different kinds to try.. wow they are SOOOOO Good fresh of off the vine :)

Out goes the load of grapes.. :)

Once we got back home the girls all decided that it was time to help the guys get that wall up a little faster... but hmm ya we weren't really convinced that it helped a ton... but Alanna and Yvonne had fun helping anyway!

Then a bit later in the afternoon we went to John's parent's place and shot some guns.. Oh the fun that we had.. did we really hit a lot of anything.. hmm not really but it was great fun anyway.. I blew a few leaves off of a shrub and saw the bullet land in the neighbours field.. good times!

Then as we were finishing shotting it started the typical few drops of rain here and there.. and we had a pretty good rain storm in the end.. more than I've seen it do here yet! and of course once the sun broke through we saw a rainbow out of the kitchen window.. so out came the camera again!

Saturday night we went bowling.. which I don't have pictures of.. no I don't always take my camera everywhere.. but maybe I should have.. LOL :)
monday morning they left for home again... so that was the end of another great visit with some awesome albertans!

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