Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Fun with Friends

Now the typical thing at a tourist trap... different licence plates!! Yup and then of course I had to take a picture of Leanna's.. proof you know..

.. of course since we saw such a variety of bridges pictures are required :)

Yes we were in Vancouver.. haha.. Vancouver in the states.. not the one that we CDN's always talk about :(

Follow the signs to the food! We were really hungry but for us Canadian girls apparently only something like Subway is good enough.. so since we didn't want to go to far off of the interstate it took a bit of looking.. Leanna was scared that if we did we would get lost in down town or something.. LOL :) Good times!

Driving through Washington/Oregon


  1. Eh love your pics but what kind of falls are they? Really love your Albertan liceans plates yet eh!! :)

  2. LOL!!!! yes the license plates...and yes oh yes the good memories! I am SO glad I came down! Wish it wasn't so much gas...then I would just come down cuz I felt like it more often lol :) oh yes...and Vancouver...that was ROYALLY confusing =(


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