Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tuesday - Digital Downloads Day

Yay I'm super excited about some of the downloads today! I love the Knots and Ties Trim and can't wait to purchase it, and the Noel greeting cards template is a must have as well. You can check them out here..

Now that I've got a laptop again and I actual got my info off of my old one which was a nice surprise that means I need to get back to creating again. I keep telling myself I need to get started on Taylina's album, so maybe one of these days! :) 

I also need to finish a page for an anniversary album for my grandparents, hopefully that is one of the files I got back from the ones that were on my old laptop because I had it pretty much ready to go, it just needs an up to date family picture and then I need to get it printed. 

That all being said I'm off to go cut up some peppers and bag them for the freezer. As well as some beans and kale... love having fresh veggies out of the garden! :)

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