Friday, August 24, 2012

How cute is this?

So I needed to order some of these fabulous Robeez shoes for Taylina since she has figured out how to get her socks off, by rubbing her feet together.. sigh. So much for Carter's socks staying on, because they sure don't now that she's got it figure out.

Anyway so I was looking and I ended up buying her two pairs because I came across these first:

and then I saw these and just HAD to have them for her, one problem they won't look cute with everything all the time so to end the dilemma of trying to decide which ones to buy I just bought both :)

now the part that got me was the back...
The front is adorable with the windmill and bike, but the back with the dutch flag now that we just couldn't pass up! :)

Why is baby stuff so much fun? You could go broke on all the cute stuff... sigh :)

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