Saturday, February 04, 2012

Update on Baby

It has been a little while since I've done an update post on baby, and baby related things like my bump, so I thought maybe today I should! :) 

Baby has been super active the last week or so, definitely a very cool feeling! The way the movements feel have also started to change since baby doesn't have as much space to jab me anymore as he/she grows. Most of the time it isn't really hard kicks and punches anymore, but kind of a rolling movement as you feel the legs and arms moving, then little jabs. Obviously the jabs are much harder than they are when you first start feeling the baby move but still really cool! 

The fun part is watching my belly move as baby moves around! The draw back is baby thinks it's always play time.. last night was especially bad. It was 11 at night and I'm laying in bed ready to go to sleep and baby won't stop moving, and I mean baby was hyper or something. Baby had already been moving a lot all evening, and usually when I go to bed he/she will move some but then stop. Not really the case last night.. it was party time!! It was getting so bad that I didn't know how I was going to get to sleep with all the activity :) Finally I rolled over onto my other side, maybe baby got the hint.. I'm not sure but he/she was not longer quite as active and stopped pretty quick after that! At least something worked!

I've also been waking up to baby moving around most mornings. Sometimes as early as 5, other mornings it's 7ish, and sometimes it's around 6. When it's around 7 it's totally okay, but at 5 or 6 in the morning not always cool! :) That all being said feeling baby move is pretty special! 

So that is the baby part update.. now some on me! 

For the most part things are going pretty good. Recently I've also found out that I've had a gall bladder attack a few times. This is definitely not any fun and is super painful. I've also figured out that super greasy food seems to be what triggers it. Especially when I've had lots of cheese in my spaghetti like I did a few weeks ago! Within an hour I felt horrible, ended up puking etc. and then about 1/2 later it was better! So not cool but I guess it is what it is. Other than that my sciatic nerve has also been bothering me. I'm blaming that on our road trip at Christmas time because that's when it started. I've been wearing a pregnancy support belt to help with that, and seeing the chiropractor, getting massages as well as doing an exercise recommended by a physical therapist.. with a lot of walking for exercise. Between the combination of things it's gotten to be much better, but I still have flare ups that tend to be pretty painful! Other than that I honestly don't have any complaints. I love being pregnant.. in spite of the crazy 10+ weeks of morning sickness, and now this. It is what it is! :) 

Now for the bump picture! 

So this is my 29 week bump picture ~ I'm about 29.5 weeks now.


  1. Such a cute bump! I can't wait to see that beautiful little munchkin in there! Have you all started thinking about names?

  2. We had names all picked out for quite a while, then a few nights ago John also brought up changing one of the names. So we'll see!


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