Thursday, February 23, 2012

MDS - Digital Baby : Thank you card

Recently I've been "making" myself purchase several new digital downloads as they come out. The reason is that I've been finding that if I don't purchase the new downloads when it comes to creating a card or project often I don't have what I "need". So by purchasing a few a month this helps me build the downloads that I've got to work with! With baby on the way I've been needing some cute baby images and papers and didn't really have a whole lot. Last week I purchase several different downloads and started creating. I needed a Thank-you card for my baby shower so I decided it was going to be a digital postcard because it is easier than hand stamping 30 cards. Don't get me wrong I love stamping but sometimes digital is the way to go! 

Now I'm sure you are curious to see what I've done, so here it is. 

 So because it is a postcard I did a teddy bear on the back just so that the back wasn't blank and obviously I'll be writing my notes on the back as well. 

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