Monday, December 07, 2009

General Update

Well things have been some what boring yet life seems to have a way of giving me little things to do right now! Some of my family(parents, siblings) came to visit me a week before American Thanksgiving! That was pretty awesome since they also brought along my piano and dining table and chairs! I love it, it makes it feel so much more like home!! :) haha like it wasn't already! I got our big wedding pictures printed..another accomplishment! Christmas cards made... for us and I designed the cards for my Mom & Dad!! :) I love the Stampin' Up! My Digital Studio Program!!

Anyway the week that my parents were here ended not so great.. I had a sore tooth on Wednesday but didn't think to much of it.. dumb me... anyway by Thursday morning it was really starting to hurt.. :( so I took a tylenol and it didn't even put a dent into the pain!! :( by evening it was just throbbing, and nothing was working for the pain :( booo!! so we had to do a search for a dentist and get a root canal done Friday morning!! I normally hate freezing and let them do anything to me with in reason without it.. haha this time totally unlike me I was like just freeze it up good please!! haha :) anyway then after this I still felt miserable because of the pain meds they gave me they were making me puke and feel miserable.. so I stopped taking those pretty quick and switched to regular Ibuprofen!! aahhh much better LOL! :) Now I have an appointment on the 9th again.. so we shall see how that goes, because they only put a temporary filling in that day... 

On the 14th I have an appointment with the Immigration Office, so we are hoping that things go well and who knows hopefully I will have my papers soon!! I'm definitely not getting my hopes up or getting to excited about it yet.. as a matter or fact I think my wonderful hubby is more excited about it than I am LOL and thinks I will have them pretty quick.. me... well I say if I have them by the end of February we are doing good LOL!! So nope don't get to excited yet!! Hopefully after next monday we will know a little more though!! :)

This past Wednesday I helped a lady here in town take off wall paper for a few hours.. apparently my reputation is preceeding me.. I'm not to excited about it LOL!! removing wallpaper is not on my list of exciting things to do.. LOL! :) Got that done.. and went home and unpacked a few more boxes of stuff.. which makes for finding somethings :) good times!! Friday I always clean house for someone, which isn't a bad thing but I don't get to excited about it either :) but at least it is something to do and it sure beats sitting at home all the time! In the afternoon I went to Aunt Annemarie's to visit my "new" cousin Tyssyna, who is here visiting with her little 8 month old from Iowa! :) haha and then promptly was late to pick John up for work because the clock was off.. Oops!! haha big time Oops!! LOL!! :) it wasn't the first time that happened and won't be the last!!

Saturday was a crazy day!!! In the morning I dropped John off at his parents' and then I went to the Tri-cities to go do some groceries.. and bail Dad out haha :)... Came through Winco pretty unscathed.. LOL! But then hit Costco.... and ummm not so good as usual LOL! Or maybe not as good as I want it to be :) I did find myself two nice tanktops and also a magazine rack.. so that did account for about the $50 extra that I spent there!! :) If it hadn't been for that I would have felt better :) haha! :) but I'm happy about what I got :) Anyway came home quick unpacked and headed down to the In-laws again.. went to a Christmas Craft Fair in the Mall with Mom and Cynthia! It was pretty cool, but nothing that I was like.. ooo I want that LOL good thing too! :p Then we got back there and John and I headed to our place... time to run around and dust my house... since we had company coming... oops haha I forgot one spot and leave it up to James to notice.. LOL!  Anyway Tori & Arlen also came that evening.. we had some fun playing Rook! it seems to be the game to play but we really enjoy it!! :) so that was Saturday.. or most of it!! :) Enough info for this post anyway!!! :)

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