Thursday, December 10, 2009

I can't believe myself....

So yesterday.. I decided that maybe I should get the papers together that we need to take along to our Immigration Interview on Monday... anyway so I was looking around and couldn't find my "new" birth certificate... I was sure that I had gotten/seen it! Anyway.. I looked in our room, in the drawer where I keep that stuff.... nope not there :(... then to the office.. which was more of an interesting experience because there is why more stuff to look through in there.. anyway.. I dug through all the file folders, pile of receipts, and paper in there... no BC.. :( I was kinda starting to get a little worried, to say the least! Anyway then I went and looked in the kitchen in the papers that are on the counter..not there... behind the couch.. where there is a small pile.. not there... back to the office.. then to the bedroom... UGHHHHHH!!!

In the mean time my wonderful hubby started to look too.. we couldn't find it anywhere.. I thought well maybe it feel down to the bottom of the dresser.. under the drawers.. which apparently don't come out of there.. booo! Anyway you can't even get your arm down there to feel anything.. so John got a screwdriver and tried that... nope not there.... Man.. I was starting to get slightly stressed! But I had to go make supper... so that was that! Anyway after supper I looked a bit more in the office and then decided I'd had enough... and we had Bible study so we had to get ready to go for that anyway!

When we were on our way to Bible study I said to John... on a scale of 1-10 how stressed out do you think I am right now... LOL.. he said probably like 8 or so... which was exactly how I was feeling... I wasn't majorly freaking yet.. but getting pretty close! I told him that we really need to get a safe to store all our documents like that in.. not good to leave things like that laying around the house anyway!! Anyway got back from Bible study.. I looked for like 10 minutes again.. and I was like.. forget it.. enough for tonight! Tomorrow is another day!

This morning.. I didn't even start looking yet.. but decided maybe I should call mom and ask her, if it had been mailed to me or if she had brought it when they came.... LOL! Anyway.. she said that when they came they still hadn't gotten it.. and she had kinda forgotten apparently. She told me she was going to phone the registry because it was super weird that she didn't have it yet! They had told her they were going to mail it. Anyway, a few minutes later she calls me back! Ya, I called them, but they said they had mailed it.. not registered mail though, so they were pretty worried too.. anyway...... Mom remembered getting an envelope from the AB Gov in the mail.. that has Tax (or something stamped on it) so she had just put it away and never bothered to open it and look into it... When she got off of the phone with the registry place she decided to go look in there... TADA!!! my BC!!

I seriously don't know when I have been so relieved......... I was pretty freaked out by this morning... !!!!!!

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