Monday, November 16, 2009

Port Angeles - Our Stay!

out on Ediz Hook in the evening.. I figured I had to try get some pictures... Night photography takes some work though.. so this is about the best it got.. without spending tons of time out there!
This is Port Angeles :)

Now looking out to the Ocean.. Victoria is more to the left... The moon coming out was pretty spectacular.. it is tough to capture moments like that on camera :(

Port Angeles once again :)

That second night we went to eat in the Bella Italia Restaurant... it was a very neat place! :)

Day 3 - Wednesday

This is as I was driving into the papermill, the funny part of this is you feel like you shouldn't be driving here.. yet this is the road that runs through the papermill and then to Ediz Hook!

There is more to come....  so check back again! :)

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