Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Our trip to Port Angeles... trip to/out there!

So... finally all the pics :)
So I pretty much started taking pictures once we hit Yakima... for those of you who really know me.. ya I don't take a trip without a ton of scenic pictures! :)
I loved the way the trees were different colors and the sky was a wonderful blue.. so you will see a bunch of pictures with that :

Orchards.. definitely one of my favorite things about Washington!

Here they were working on removing rocks along side the road.. definitely worth a picture in my books :)

Coming out of the tunnel! I always love those pictures :)

Snow..!! You got it! LOL! I LOVE SNOW! I was so excited.. haha just ask John! I'm amazed that I didn't even think to stop... :P hehe! we wanted to get to Port Angeles before dark though so..

Mt. Rainier! gotta love Evert's zoom! Thanks bro!!

Pictures out of the sun roof! The clouds were amazing!!
ugh to bad the sun was shining on the window.. I just liked how this looked though!

Some pictures that would totally make nice puzzles!!! haha! Even though I hate puzzling and have no patience for it!

Starting to get close to Seattle LOL :) something finally is starting to sound familiar to me :P

Now for my family... check out this picture below...Doesn't it look familiar!?! :) haha remember! :)

There is a huge gap now.. haha cause I got sick of taking pictures I think.. LOL! I know fancy that! :P anyway so from here on in this post they are John's pictures cause I was driving!

Anyway... so I was driving and a car was coming up behind me pretty fast.. and I was like.. ohoh.. that is a cop.. and sure enough he came right up behind me and it was.. LOL! so I slowed down just a tad more.. cause I had not the faintest idea of what the speed limit was.. then at the next pull out on the side of the road I pulled over and let him pass me... Talk about freaking out though! A bit further along the road.. turns out I was doing pretty good with what my guess had been for the speed limit! haha! But you never know!


  1. looks like you saw lots of cool things! :)

  2. Love those pics with the clouds and the mountin!!


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