Tuesday, November 24, 2009

gaahhh :( Productivity at its best!

Well so tonight I went to bed on time.. haha but couldn't get to sleep :( and since John wanted the light off beside our bed... after laying around for 1/2 hour driving myself up the wall thinking.. which is what I do best when I don't want too!!!!.. I decided that I might as well get up and be productive!

That was what the original plan was before I layed around for 1/2 hour.. but then i decided that sleep was more important than scrapbooking.. now apparently blogging is! Oh well!

Today was one of those really unexciting busy days. It didn't actually start off that way, because I didn't do to much in the morning, but by lunchtime I was hard at dusting, vacuuming and doing laundry, washing it and folding it! for a change I actually was folding it as it came out of the dryer.. I have no idea why but I was!!

oh I guess I better tell you the part that was "exciting" (not) anyway apparently a Northern Flicker thinks our hour is the place to peck a hole into :( stupid bird!!! so now we have a nice little hole in the peek of our roof by the garage.. I will have to post a picture! Anyway I ended up running out there several times to chase him away so that he wouldn't make the hole bigger than it was yesterday already :(  boo.. if I had a gun I would shot him!!!! seriously go find a TREE!!!!!!!!!

So that was my day in a nut shell.. supper was super easy cause we had leftovers :) Pop them into the oven to warm up and tada! LOL!

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