Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Time flies!!

On Sunday morning I was sitting in my chair feeding Taylina when I looked at the clock and thought to myself, Wow! a week ago at this time we had just had to make the decision that it was going to have to be a c-section. We hadn't even met our precious little daughter yet! Our life sure had changes since she has been born, it seems like everything revolves around her, and her schedule. 

So far things are going pretty well, my parents came for a quick visit last week which was super nice! It sure made a difference having my Mom there to help out. She helped me with nursing and things definitely got much better with that after she gave me some pointers. Sure they help you in the hospital but they don't tell you what to look for to know that they are really drinking etc. 

For the rest I'm definitely taking it easy, puttering around doing the odd little thing here and there but for the most part just sitting in my chair.. feeding baby.. and taking a nap once or twice a day.. and doing the same thing all over again. I think the worst part is not being allowed to lift anything other than baby and little things. Especially when I'm feeling like I'd like to do a few more little things... pretty easy to tell myself no though right now since I know it'd be too much. I'm sure it'll get to be much tougher eventually! 

One thing I've figured out though is that I intensely dislike epidurals! I hated not being able to feel anything for hours after.. which isn't a bad thing considering I had a c-section and that was painful enough. That being said if I had to go through labor again and have a natural deliver it is not on my list of want to haves to deal with the pain. The fact that you can't feel anything and can't move an inch, even rolling onto your side yourself is miserable! For the first day I had pain meds through my IV, but by the next afternoon I'd had enough of that and didn't think I needed that much for pain killers anymore so I went to Ibuprofen which I took for the next day or two and then that was it. The incision is still painful especially when I tweak it just a took a while to figure out how to get in and out of bed without having to say ouch for every move, but I think I've got it figure out now :) 

Anyway... I'm off to take a quick little nap while Taylina is sleeping since I spent more time up with her last night than I wanted too. She wouldn't settle so I didn't get to sleep until after 12:30, finally I just sat in the recliner and fell asleep with her in my arms. Then I was up at 2:00 to feed her again, which at least only took an hour and then I was able to put her in her bassinet so that I could at least sleep in bed for the rest of the night. Of course only to be woken up by her at 7:00 again this morning since she was hungry. 

So that is just a bit of an update on things around here. 

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