Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Digital Studio: Technique #4 - Color Filling Line Images using Punches

Ok, so I've decided that my laptop is officially in a love hate relationship with me.. or my internet. I'm actually not sure which one it is. Regardless I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can get this posted!

So are you all ready to learn this new technique?!

Step #1
1. Open your MDS software on your computer.
2. Then you are going to select - New Project
3. Select Tag
4. Select 2 1/4 x 4 1/4 Portrait
5. Create your Own tag
6. Name project
7. Change your background color to Very Vanilla
8. Next add your line Image stamp. I used the bird from the set Friends 24-7
9. Select the shape punch that will work the best for your image. I used the Oval.
10. Fill your punch, by clicking on Paper Fill
11. Now you'll want to double click on your filled punch image to bring up the Punch Image Editor. You are going to drag the Fill paper out of the punch so once again it is blank/empty.
12. When you return to your project you'll be able to see that the punch is there due to the gray squares outlining the punch.

13. Select Drop Shadow from the Punch Menu in Design Center. Set Opacity to 50%, Change Blur to Medium, and change your color to your desired color.

14. Do the same for all other area's that you want to color fill.

15. Once you are all done, Select your image and bring to front.
 And there you have my final product. So now whenever you need tags for something.. use MDS :)

I hope that you learned something fun and hope that you'll use it in your future products! This is all for the Techniques on MDS that I learned things about at Convention. I promise I will try post some other ones in the future though!

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