Friday, July 24, 2009

Oh I'm gonna soak up the sun...

Well I think we have had more than enough sun for a little while.. considering that we spent some time out yesterday and then again today... all worth it though... I really wanted to go surfing again today but in the end we vetoed that idea and decided to just get 2 body boards for a few hours... much cheaper and easier today... considering the fact that I just wanted to lay in the sun and relax anyway. John had more fun out in the water.. since according to him he isn't worried about his tan like I am.. LOL :) So much for my perfect tan now after I have spent a whole bunch of time in the sun... and not the salon now.. :) Oh well after the wedding it isn't an issue anymore.. no dress to have to look perfect for! Oh and we went Kayaking first thing this morning for about an hour.. right now we are both relaxing so I figured it was time for a quick post..

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