Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It feels like home!

Well after living here for almost two weeks I can definitely say that it feels like home. Of course there is still odd things that take some adapting to, but I think that is to be expected! As of right now I'm not home a whole lot to enjoy it or to find time to finish unpacking boxes. That being said last night I unpacked a whole bunch of boxes and found places for several more things. I also decided that my table for sewing is going to go into the large storage closet in the basement rather than having it out in the open filling in more space in the main part of the basement. So since I'm sure you are wondering about the other parts of the house that I haven't taken pictures of yet here is some more.. as well as a few that I've added a few odd things to finish our bedroom off, mainly the curtains.

psst pictures coming.. bedtime tonight :)

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